Victoria Bowls Club

Victoria bowls club is possibly the finest bowls ground in the UK.

It hosts the Gentlemen and Ladies UK championship every year and has been the hosting venue for the World championships on numerous occasions.

Our clients approached us to restore the appearance of this beautiful timber fronted building to befit its status on the World bowls stage.

Our time served tradesmen initiated the work by burning off ALL previous paint from the windows, doors, viewing rails and decorative timber standing.

This pain staking work was carried out with heat guns to conform to health and safety guidelines.

Once stripped back to bare timber and having received a light rub down, we proceeded to Knot the timber, wood fill the holes and imperfections and then use a four coat flexible paint system, designed to move and stretch with the wood to complete the works.

We at EFTI pride ourselves on using only quality materials that alongside our expert tradesmen help provide longevity in our works.